numbers …

… a blog post a month is not the best rate, I guess. This will improve!

But much more interesting are the numbers I am learning as I dig into the Mozilla past … trying to prep for my future job.

Only a little less than a year ago, media reported that 120 million people use Firefox in about 50 languages. This equaled a worldwide market share in browser usage of 13%. And just a few weeks ago, we reported, that according to the latest stats, the worldwide market share of Mozilla is 20% with 220 million people using it. WOW. We are available in about 60 languages … I guess there are not many more we need to cover.

In some countries Firefox usage even passed the 50% mark. Almost scary – but this certainly underlines the power of localization and thus the importance of the Mozilla community.

And according to Nielsen Mozilla is the internet brand in Germany that grows faster than anyone else – even passing You Tube.

Lots of numbers – if they keep rolling in at this rate, I should be fine to blog more than once a month …



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2 responses to “numbers …

  1. Very cool to see you blogging, Barbara!

    Could you elaborate on the Nielsen thing for those of us who don’t read German? This sounds like a wonderful piece of news!

  2. Simon

    So for the English-speaking crowd:

    Nielsen evaluated the fastest-growing internet brands in Germany. Here Mozilla came out on top with Youtube on 2nd place, Google on 3rd, Wikipedia on 4th and Microsoft on 5th place. grew from 3,910,000 unique German users in May 2008 to 7,873,000 in November 2008. Those are at home view-only numbers.

    Nielsen also evaluated the fastest-growing internet brands in the US. Here Mozilla placed on the 10th spot with Facebook on 1st, Glam Media on 2nd place and Youtube on 3rd. grew from 7,015,000 unique US users in January 2008 to 14,400,000 in November 2008. Those are at home and at work view numbers.

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