Attending my first Seedcamp

I was asked to volunteer as a mentor for a Mini Seedcamp a while ago. Being in PR I love to tell other people what I think and having worked in the family business, I am infected with entrepreneurism – so I said yes without much hesitation. When the date drew closer, I started to wonder what I would be able to share? Whom would I meet? And during busy times at Mozilla, could I really spare a day away from my desk to be a mentor?

Mini Seedcamp Berlin took place a week ago. I really enjoyed the day – even though I was exhausted by the time I came home. Since then, my connections on Xing and LinkedIn have grown, I have a whole bunch of new Twitter followers and most importantly, I am much more optimistic on the state of our economy and businesses. There are so many talented, enthusiastic and brave people out there – and from talking to the venture capital folks, it became clear, that there will always be funding for the right idea and team.

Granted, not all presentations were great nor were all concepts convincing. But the ones I liked best won at the end of the day (maybe I should consider a career in venture capital?). During the day I handed my business card – enhanced with a special contact from my own network – to a number of teams. I will follow their path – maybe help, stay in touch.

And as always – being from Mozilla made connecting at the event easy. Everyone has a Firefox story to tell, or a comment to make on the unique structure of our project.

In summary: Mentors do not only give but also get a lot back in return! Thus, I would make time for Seedcamp again, if I get the chance! Please consider it, if someone asks you to. Or check out if Seedcamp is coming to a location near you any time soon!

…  if you are interested in volunteering. It is so easy: check out this brand new initiative: Mozilla Service Week.


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  1. jfinette

    Great stuff — and I’m sure you will get another chance! 🙂

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