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Firefox for CyberMentors

I spend the last days attending meetings with media to talk about the upcoming release of Firefox 3.5 and all the work Mozilla invested to upgrade the web with this new version. During those meetings we talked also about our mission and goal to help insure the web will continue to be great and accessible place. But Firefox 3.5 is not the only project we have been working on in the past months to make the web experience great for as many as possible – here one other example:

The UK based Beatbullying initiative sees young people volunteer to offer support, help and advice to peers who are experiencing bullying, all within the safe environment of the CyberMentors website. CyberMentors receive specialist training from Beatbullying staff designed to help them deal with any bullying issue, including coping with online bullying.

Work for CyberMentors is being enhanced with the introduction of a new custom Firefox browser jointly created by Beatbullying and Mozilla. The new Firefox build keeps a CyberMentor’s workflow visible, meaning they have quick and easy access to content and tools including:

  • Chatting with victims of bullying and other CyberMentors
  • Reporting online bullying
  • Providing tips for online safety
  • Accessing the Beatbullying media centre

Firefox has been customised with buttons and a media-player which links easily to CyberMentors video and audio. The browser also has a customised theme in line with CyberMentor’s branding.

Glad to see we are continuing to build on our relationship with Beatbullying. Kudos to Patrick for all his work on this!

And the next great initiative is already underway: Sign-up for Mozilla Service Week!


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