Flight observations

I plan my blog posts to help me remember this trip – thus sorry for too much detail. Hope I will have nice pics to share soon 🙂

Berlin – Heathrow was an interesting flight. I think I have never been on a plane with such a high rate of severely hung-over people (they all still smelled of alcohol) – they were flying back from the MTV music awards. I probably should have spotted some celebs – there were paparazzi at the gate in London … but I did not notice anyone.

Heathrow – LA flight was nice. Air New Zealand business class was worth the spend :-). I actually slept for 5 hours – absolute first on a plane for me – and without sleeping pills! I knew I was off to a good start when the steward introduced himself: “Hi I am Chris. Let me know when you want to sleep, I will make your bed for you”. A delicious meal and a nice cocktail later, I was ready for my bed to be made …

Only the woman in the seat in front of me was annoying. When getting on board she must have decided she would be miserable – and let everyone know. When someone dared to put something in the bin over her seat she almost freaked out … as if she owned it (and yes, she already had all her stuff stowed – just did not like the fact her bags had to share an overhead compartment …). Every time the steward came she had though of something else to complain about.  Thank god for earplugs. But it kind of made every one else feel like we had to team up against her – lots of eye-rolling among the rest of the people seated around her.  She got off in LA 🙂

Special comment for Rosi and Erin: I watched three movies. The Ugly Truth (ok for a plane ride), 500 days of Summer (loved the soundtrack!) and Julie and Julia (I am really glad I had good food before watching this! It made me want to cook – the one thing I will not be doing in the next couple of weeks!). Might go for a few New Zealand classic movies they are offering on the next portion of the trip.

Now hanging out at transit lounge. Soon to board again.

Wow – I am actually going to New Zealand. About 20 years after I bought my first travel guide of those islands at the other end of the world. I hope it will live up to my expectations.



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2 responses to “Flight observations

  1. Erin

    Wow! Three movies in one sitting, I am shocked! Confession: I haven’t seen any of these films so you are WAY ahead of me!

    Lovin’ the blog!

    • bblop

      Hi Erin … add Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to the list and one Kiwi movie. 5 movies in 24 hours :-). At this point, I hope they will have new movies when I fly back!
      See you in a few weeks!

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