They really are very nice!

view from hotelroom

View from my hotel room

Not sure if it only feels this way because I read and heard so much about it – but it seems like the Kiwi are really genuinely nice: Shuttle bus diver, that caries my luggage into the hotel, and hotel staff that juggles a few reservation around so I can actually check in and get into my room at 9 in the morning!

Sales people in camera stores, which sincerely apologize for not selling the piece of accessory I am looking for and then give me directions to the competition that might have it. Locals sitting at the table next to me in a café noticing my travel guide – asking me where I am from, complimenting me on my choice of sights to see in New Zealand and whishing me a great time in their country.

Downtown Auckland

Downtown Auckland / Ferry Terminal and Sky Tower


And last, but not least: Colleague, that spends part of his Sunday showing me Auckland and invites me for lunch (thanks Rob!). After a walk around the harbor area in the morning, I met Rob and his family. They took me to one on the 48 volcano cones in Auckland. The view from Mount Eden was impressive. Then we went to the beach for more great views. And all this after a delicious Vietnamese lunch.

Rob mit Kids

Rob with kids


Now a short break –and if I can fight the jet lag, I will go down to the bar below for a beer. It is called Fox’s – guess it is a sign for me as a “Firefox” employee on the eve before the 5th birthday of Firefox. Reminds me – the really friendly person at the visitor info at Auckland airport was using Firefox (so much for not thinking about work!)


am Meer

Bin wirklich da! / I am really in NZL!

@ Alix: I guess they are all happy someone is actually visiting them!


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  1. Irina

    Reading this really makes me want to travel. Now.

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