Add a little culture

I admit, the weather in Auckland could have been better today. But after droping my bags at the Mozilla office I took the weather as a sign from the gods of culture … and went to the Auckland museum. I bought a ticket for the Maori Culture Experience – it was a bit like Disney Land, but I did at least learn a few things! The best bit was the volcano exhibit (has nothing to do with Maori). You walk into a living room and sit on a sofa. Then the TV starts and they inform you that a volcano will soon erupt in the Auckland harbor – given that is is build on volcanos, not unlikely. All of a sudden the room shakes and goes all dark. Ok – very much like Disney land, but I liked it!

On the way back to the hotel I got a bit lost but had time to take pics of the plants along the highway (for my parents: ueberall agapanthus, bluehend!). Had my first restaurant meal on my own – and it was not bad at all. I guess I was so “disturbed” by the waitress that wore eyeshadow in the color of the restaurant logo – acid green … That I did not miss any company. Sorry, no pictures. Not only because I was scared to take one of the waitress but also because I am at a pubic internet terminal at Auckland airport. Internet access is free … nice surprises all around.

More from the South Island!

note to Mozilla: the free computers at the airport run Opera …



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4 responses to “Add a little culture

  1. patrickfinch

    Opera? Wha?

    Sorry the weather started badly, but sounds like you arrived in reasonable spirits. We miss you here, but we’re all doing great. Swine flu hit Eskilstuna: it ain’t such a big deal, at least, not for us happily.

    I look forward to your next installment!

    • bblop

      Thanks Patrick! Good luck with staying clear from swine flue … and thanks for letting me know that I am missed even though everything is under control.

  2. Rosi

    Great blog!

    You are really funny and it feels like being there with you … 🙂 Reading your blog is one of my highlights and cheers up these grey german november days.

    Sorry that I was not with you on the plane to London. Might have been helpful detecting celebrities flying back from the MTV Awards and I agree with Erin (hi Erin!) you definitely catched up at the movie front line – and there are still some flights to come.

    Take care and stay away from vulcanic craters!

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