A hideaway, stuck in sand and ready for people

Sorry guys. Now I have a faster internet connection, a computer that runs Firefox … and then they do not alow any devices to be pluged in: thus once more no pics. I am really trying!!!

I just returned my “rent a dent”. He did well in the last couple of days. Old but working well (as long as I do not leave the lights on!). Today I went by the cafe that had helped me jump start the car. Brought them a card and a little thank you – and thus hopefully made sure they will be as nice to the next stranded tourist.

The “dent” brought me safely from Golden Bay to Picton and Queen Charlotte Sound where I will be hiking with a group starting tomorrow. After a week of hardly talking to anyone I am ready for a bit of small talk. Am fairly sure I am group competible now. Guess I would have been a pain to travel with last week. Really needed the time to wind down. And I did so exensively the last two days. I stayed at a eco house in the middle of nowhere with a great view of a bay. Tides are really high here – up to 4 meters. Thus I had a lot to look at. And I took a lot of pics – which you will see eventually.And I read a lot. Sitting in a bathtub outside of my house, with a glass of wine – does not get much better. (And I was even able to download the sequel to the crime novel I was reading on my kindle – in the middle of nowhere!)


bliss - wine, sun, view and bathtub 🙂

From my hideaway I took an anventures trip by car and foot into Abel Tasman National Park. I crossed a few rivers with my car (mind you: no bridges involved) and then I go stuck in the sand / muck while crossing a bay at low tide on foot. Reminded me of being stuck in the swamp in Ireland, only this time no Olli (friend and tour guide) around to save me … Well, I managed to get off my shoe and got out. Did have to do some laundry last night though :-). The getting out involved sitting down in black mud …

Observations of the day: If you do no like driving on curvy mountain roads – do not visit the north of the South Island. Even the highway is a one lane road with a million turns. And if you are not busy trying to get safely around the next corner, you try not to hit any of the road kill … The number of dead animals on the roads is amazing. I have yet to see a live possum – but I have surely seen dozens of dead ones. The other day I saw a hawk pick up a piece of road kill. Take away for animals higher up in the food chain …

Will be interesting to see what kind of people will be on the tour with me during the next four days. If statistics are good for anything, chances are 99% they will be German. There are so many Germans here … almost annoying.

view from my hideaway

Not sure if I will have internet access again before Thursday or Friday. Hope I do and should the internet gods be nice, I might even get the chance to share (and save!!!) some of my pictures. Also hope the weather stays as good as it has been. More soon!

view from my Picton hotel room


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  1. So…how did New Zealand’s qualification for the world cup go down? was thinking of you as I watched it!

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