halftime already …

Hard to believe, but half my time in New Zealand is already over. But the good news is: I have two more weeks to go. was cool to be here when New Zealand qualified for the soccer world cup. Usually they only talk about the All Blacks / the rugby team. But last week the All Whites, the soccer team was all over the news. If you consider that New Zealand has barely more population than Berlin, it is quite an achievement!

Last night I returned from the 71 km Queen Charlotte Track. It was great! I am really glad I did not attempt to walk it alone though – no doubt doable, but it was much more fun with our small group: Pat from Canada, Shelly and Natalie from Melbourne and our guide Halle were great company.

the "before" shot at the start of the track

And I was not the only German :-). Our guide moved to NZL over twenty years ago. I was the first German he ever had on a tour … and we discoverd we studied at the same University. Small world!

Even one morning of heavy rain did not spoil the trip. We mastered the 71 km and over 3000 m in altitude, I took a few 😉 pics, enjoyed lovely accomodation and really good food.

queen charlotte view



Took a lot of pics but also a lot of memories: I will miss the birds that are not afraid and just come up to you with their young to check out if shoelaces are eatible, the breathtaking views, the turquise waterthat looks almost unnatural in pictures and all the information our guide shared with us. And I really hope my next group will be as nice as this one!





In two hours I will be on the Transcostal train to Christchurch. Tomorrow morning at 8 I will meet the group for the coming week. The motto of the week is “adventure”. I am supposed to do caving, hike on a glacier, learn to cross rivers. A helicopter, kajak and jet boat are also on the agenda. Guess I will not get bored … and will have little time to update this blog. But I will try!


PS: added some pics to previous posts … since this nice internet placelets me upload pics!


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