The small things shape memories

Then kinds of things people displayed at the Mozilla Summit World Expo

It has been a little over a week since I left Whistler after the Mozilla Summit 2010. A week that was filled with a lot of meetings and conversations and international travel that kept me busy – too busy to blog about my first Mozilla Summit. But maybe that was good. Had I written about the summit earlier, this blog might have been more generally about the impressive group of people, the professional organization or the fun party on the last evening. A week later – and I am sure this process will continue – the small things and the personal moments that made this gathering of 600 Mozillian’s so special for me are starting to dominate my memories. Moments like these:

Feeling the energy in the room rise during the keynotes with their impressive demos. And at the same time,  being taught, once more, the impact of technology on the individual. When watching my blind colleague Marco follow the demo that made the browser “speak”, all the possibilities this piece of software might entail were visible in his huge smile.

Connecting with a contributor from Jordan while holding up a sign for the “dine about”.  We had a ton of fun without speaking a word –  and created a memory we shared though out the summit.

Seeing the same long row of monitors and tables showcasing impressive demos and the widths of the Mozilla project transformed only hours later into a world expo that made the international impact of Mozilla very tangible (and palatable!).

Finding a different card on my pillow every evening that made me smile, think or dream big!

And then the countless small moments, that are only important to me, but make all the difference in turning an interesting event into a great experience: being asked to sit down and share a meal at a table full of stangers people I had not met yet, laughing with folks I see a few times a year at Mozilla events, dancing foolishly at 6000 feet with friends I get to see too rarely, and endless short but memorable conversations in elevators, the food line or at the bar.

Writing this, I start suffering from post-summit-blues again. Beware! Mozilla events are addictive.



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2 responses to “The small things shape memories

  1. Tiago Sá

    There’s life and there’s boredom. Life is awesome. Boredom isn’t. Most people just go through boredom. The summit seems like life, though 😀

  2. Josh

    Now I wish I went. 😦

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