Re-Reading the Mozilla Manifesto

When I worked at eBay, every employee had a copy of the believes the eBay founder had defined on their badge. It sometimes looked a bit odd – like you were part of a cult running around with a piece of plastic saying: People are basically good. It might only be in my memory, but I do think having those principles visible made a difference in decision-making and interacting with community.

Why am I mentioning this? Because sometimes it is inspiring to look back to those basic principles that were powerful enough to inspire a hand full of people to create something amazing. Something that changed an industry and more. Thus,  time to re-read the Mozilla Manifesto. Working on some new projects, I was looking for that one phrase to help me define my goals.

And I found it: “We invite others to join Mozilla and make the Internet an even better place for everyone”. Add a bit of influencing to the equation and this is my mantra for the next few months.

Not the shortest vision statement. Maybe has a bit too much pathos for some. (Author is a very rational German after all). But I warned you. This blog is personal and bias. And this is how I feel right now. This is how I want to make a difference in 2012.

And, I just put a flag in my calender for July – will be interesting to see if my goals and vision have changed.


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